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Weekly Triptych (Flamingo Frames)

This is a series of selected frames of the Calder Flamingo sculpture taken in Chicago in the fall of 2001. The works are 8 x 10 prints in 11 x 14 frames. There is also a combination of all three in one horizontal work.Very often when I go back and look at my older work, I realize that it's connected to something else. Of course, I had seen this sculpture perhaps thousands of times passing by it over many many years, as well as seeing various works of his in museums and galleries. My Interval Cubes series seems to also be inspired by the minimalist simplicity of Calder, but it wasn't at the time that I started it, nor was it inspired by the Bauhaus movement, nor De Stijl, or Mondrian. We are all more influenced than we think--it's just that artists objectify those influences. The more things we make, the more we realize what our influences are. Moreover, noticing the influences themselves are also an influence. (This has always worked this way in music).This was an image th…

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