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This book is a literal continuation of other extant material:  Continua (Ordering as a Cognitive Pattern), Dynaxiom, Exforma, as well as the Composition Strategies, designed to be a flip-book for serendipity, not for linear reading, although I have included an appendix at the back of the book (as a continuation), which includes selected essays from Exforma.

I have also included a list of human universals at recto upper-left and verso lower-right of each page spread  (as delineated in the book Human Universals by Donald Brown), also for the purpose of fortuitous discovery.

The book will also continue on in future editions, each with a different spine color following “ROYGBIV”, the sequence of the light spectrum colors from low to high: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, with perhaps black and white to “bookend” the set.

As of this first edition, it is undetermined what format the future editions might include. The number of pages w…

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