Phases (A Series of Series)

Similar to Chromatic Windows, Phases are a series of color systems whereby a color sequence is mapped across a shape sequence, e.g. mapping 5 colors across 6 shapes across 5 objects. There are some artists that use the actual paint chips, but I am using their virtual equivalent and designing the actual "chips."

The color sequences are completely customizable in context with the color of the wall. 

The RGB values used are below. If you want to match them to wall colors, here is a handy conversion tool.  

RGB values for the 5 colors:

1. Signal Red: 170,60,35
2. Light Blue: 88,135,142
4. Deep Cream: 200,165,110
5. Eau-de-Nil: 100,135,120

RGB values for the 4 colors:

1. Jubilee Blue: 195,220,230
2.  Terra Cotta: 245,185,155
3. Primrose: 250,230,160
4. Malachite: 150,180,155

By rotating each tile, you can create interesting Rubik-like patterns for a wall or floor area, or on a tabletop mosaic.

This pattern is made by repeating the series of four tiles against a grid of five by three and rotating each tile in some way.

RGB values for the 3 colors:

2. Gulfstream: 120,160,180

RGB values for the 2 colors:

Phase I
1 color across 2 shapes across 1 object

What would be Phase I be?

Conceptually, Phase I is the Wall and its color:

(All Behr Paints but you can use equivalents):

Wall Paint for Phase II: ALPHA BLUE
Wall Paint for Phase III: SAGA BLUE
Wall Paint for Phase IV:  RAIN DANCE
Wall Paint for Phase V:  OARSMAN BLUE

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