Sky Frames (2015)

Very often when I'm taking photographs of architecture I take note of the interstitial space between buildings (or sculptures), and how they frame the sky to the edges of the photograph.  

In 2015, I experimented by cutting the shapes on a laser cutter with translucent blue Plexiglas. The next phase of the project will involve mounting them within frames.

In certain ways, they are an homage to Joseph Cornell’s cut paper silhouettes as in “Varietes de Mineralogie”  or the silhouettes in the Ledger Book of William Bache.

In terms of human universals they are a "classification of space" 


Prototypes with 4 blue LEDs powered by 2 AA batteries. Since they draw so little power, they can stay lit for months, although they progressively fade, which is an interesting "happy accident". A "sunset" frame would be interesting.



Also see Architectural Deconstruction

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