3 Against 4
45"x34", acrylic on plywood

$450 0r best offer

The back of the work, with two hanging positions. (The screws holding the two pieces together are structural, but also hold the metaphor together in the figurative sense. (3 black and red regions with thin white lines).

Early drawings and illustrations:

Very often after I photograph a finished work, I use the photos as "derivative works" that extend the piece into other domains. These photographs are essentially "frames" taken from the individual RGB channels in the photographs of the wall sculpture. For example, solid red in the red channel is solid white, and different shades of red becomes different shades of black (or as shades of white--however you want to look at it). Essentially so you can control red through the black (gray) levels.

Series of photos derived from the work:

#2013 #geometric #minimalism #diagonal


Mnemonic Walks