Chromatic Windows

An exploration in musical symmetry.

C | C# | D | Eb | E | F | F# | G | G# | A | A# | B

As vector art, prints are available at any size and in any color sequence. I am using a 6-color sequence as 5x7 digital prints in this version, but any sequence greater than 3 can work, although it will affect how the sequence iterates through the shape sequence.


Just like they've done with Mondrian, the art is now emblazoned on cups/mugs:

Chromatic Cups

You can purchase the entire set of 12 or any intervals that you like. For example, you can purchase a set of four based on an E7 chord, E, G#, B, D (include the G if you want E7(#9).

At the moment, enharmonic equivalents aren’t available. For example, only C# is not available as Db. Let me know if you would like equivalents and I will make them for Eb, Gb, Ab and Bb.

I recommend the diminished and augmented sets because the intervals are all major or all minor, and you will need only 5.

(Also, you don't have to use these for beverages. They can be used as organizers, or as "blocks" or "flashcards" for learning intervals and chord construction.

Set of 6 beginning on C to cover major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads:

C, D#, E, F#, G, G#

Set of 6 beginning on C#:

C#, E, F, G, G#, A

Set of 6 beginning on D:

D, F,  F#, G#, A, A#

Set of 6 beginning on D#:

D#, G, G#, A, A#, B

Buy any 2 and get 15% off.
Buy any 4 and get 20% off.


In this video, I discuss the work, and its generative possibilities:

The piece is inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's Museum of Modern Art Paris, I am using a series of 6 colors in sequence across all panels of the 12 window frames of the east facade of the Oak Park Library as a musical metaphor: There are 12 windows (chromatic scale), and each window set has a unique group of 2, 3 or 4 panels (duple/triple meters).

The Musical Connection

Here is the musical equivalent of this process: a row of 6 notes (marked with slurs) mapped across a varied rhythm.

What it sounds like scored for clarinet, bassoon, and a double-bass playing the six notes in whole notes:

View the gallery: Chromatic Windows

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