Alliterative Haiku

Alliterative Haiku

Cover Comps in black, white and red versions

The idea for this book arose directly from the character limit constraints of Twitter in early 2015, when I began posting them under the #sixwords hashtag. They are not haiku per se, but use similar rules, in this case, three-word pairs in alphabetic order.

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1. All lower case
2. Re-use of words and couplets allowed
3. Overlap in alphabet allowed, e.g. yza, zab
4. Ampersands and hyphens allowed
5. Sound-alike consonants allowed, e.g. "fine photography", and their spoonerisms "phine fotography"
6. Merged words are allowed, and can be formated per the following: northkorea, NorthKorea


Color System under the Black White and Red series of works:

I have systematized the font colors and page borders to correspond with ranges of letters as follows:

#2015 #classificationofcolor


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