Green Channel (Study)

Green Channel (Study) (2016)
11" x 14" x 1", acrylic, hardware and stencil on canvas board mounted on panel. (cadmium red over sap green)


Assemblage with a slight reference to the Stroop Effect, employing a green "R". The slight variation between a dark green and black is not noticeable in low light, or in the photograph, but is evident only in certain light temperatures. This is a study in two ways: how green interacts with red as a dichotomy, and how physical artworks done with paint, are distinct from back-lit digital art, have a different color space and affect the eye differently. Red is a very hot color in the digital realm (even if a "cool" low-frequency color), and works as well in paint, but very dark greens appear black against reds and oranges, similar to the blackening effect of a red-orange sunset on foreground foliage as the light dims. The same dichotomy exists between a solar panel and solar mirror, one absorbing and the other repelling.