24"x 24"x 2" Mixed Media (acrylic, stencils, hardware, Plexiglas) on wood panel


As a part of the Text series, FXD is a truncation of "Fixed". The underlying metaphor is "industry", and like Anachronistic Time Inversion, incorporates video footage of manual skilled labor (welding, carpentry, ironwork). The piece is 'fixed' in the sense that it was continuously in a state of revision or repair, then fixed in final form. All works of art in a sense are in a state of being "fixed" until committed to some final stage. All the "tools" used (such as stencils) were incorporated right into the work.

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On the meaning of "x": Semiotician Morse Peckham in his mid-60s book Man's Rage For Chaos posits several meanings:

"It is, of course, a configurational sign, but its meaning is determined by the total situation in which it is found...such an "x" painted on a bounded plane and exhibited in an art gallery becomes a work of art; the stage or setting or situation determines its interpretation. But an "x" also has innumerable uses as an arbitrary sign...like a child's circle, it can mean anything. The semantic function of "x" is that of an emblem meaning, “this is the area for attention in this particular situation,“ but why it is there and why one should pay attention and what one should do depends not on the "x" itself but in one’s knowledge of the situation in that culturally conventionalized behavior patterns and, if appropriate, roles one should select from one's repertory and bring to bear on the situation. This arbitrary semantic function plays a part even in the situations in which an "x" is also a configurational sign. At crossroads and railroad crossings it means not only “intersection“ but also “pay attention! Watch out! Danger!" (pp. 102-103)

Universal #88: semantic components

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