Continuous Interruption

25.75x18.5 inches, acrylic on paper

A piece done with a constraint of primarily vertical interrupted shapes and lines.

Piece is sold but prints are available.

I am involved in music as much as I am in art, and sometimes I reuse titles. In 2016 I composed Continuous Interruption, released on the album Ancient AI. Each piece riffs off the idea of a continuous interruption of lines/bass lines.

#2014 #vertical #colorful #layered

1599. It's okay to be distracted if all the things you're distracted by cohere with whatever you're engaged with, and what you are naturally aligned to. David Bowie always talked about having the attention span of a goldfish, but not to a fault: all the distracted interests served the same goal of self-actualization. Curiosity is in some sense a continuous state of distraction, often understood as simply being 'alive'.


Macrophage V