Anachronistic Time Inversion

30x30 mixed media assemblage on board

A conceptual piece about the layers of time, with recent layers inverted to lower layers. An upside-down digital clock was originally incorporated but has now been replaced with a digital picture frame that can be loaded with various images, again placed upside-down. The target is an homage to the Jasper Johns Targets, the letters 'OOT' to Ed Ruscha (OOF). '6-2-11' is actually a title from a piece of music based on melodic motifs built on a series of intervals of a 6th, 2nd, and 11th, but serves as a future date painted in stencil letters on the 'oldest' layer. The finish date is post-dated 2-6-11 to play off the 'inversion' theme. (The work was officially 'finished' 1/3/11.) Since the work is suffused with chronological elements, modifications can be made at a later date, either by myself or other artists.

Working in downtown Chicago, I pass over the bascule bridges over the Chicago River. About 20 years ago they repainted them brown, which has now begun to peel away revealing the underlying paint layers. I wanted to get that look of an old Chicago bridge and chose an enamel with that same rusty-brown patina.

$2000 or best offer

#2011 #textart #neodada #texture #industrial #layered


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