Genesis Block


The MD5 Hash value for "Genesis Block" (AFAD940E0C196BBB209D4A7254A2583E), with 16 unique characters mapped to the basic 16 Windows colors, set against a background of black white and red.

C: black
D: maroon
E: green
B: olive
F: navy
A: purple
9: teal
4: silver
8: gray
5: red
6: lime
3: yellow
7: blue
2: fuschia
1: aqua
0: white
Genesis Block (Bundle of 4)
Current price 2.5 ETH

Genesis Block (Black)
Genesis Block (White)
Genesis Block (Red)
Genesis Block (Entropy GIF)

A 16-second, 16FPS animated GIF where the 16 Windows hex colors from black to white have durations from 2 to 32 seconds and fade accordingly. Black (C) disappears quickly and white (0) is on for the entire duration. It uses the Genesis Block MD5 hash: AFAD940E0C196BBB209D4A7254A2583E

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