Business District

Business District

An old cliche, which I believe started with either The Red Balloon or with Steven Spielberg employing the "leave color" effect in Schindler's List with the girl in the red coat.

Here is how the Google Car took the picture before the mannequin was placed in the window, and now has a chair. The shadow at the lower left is either a street light or the shadow of the Lidar camera.

In retrospect what is interesting is how media can distort the context. If you don't see what's out of the frame you're left with the story that's told inside the frame. The business district here is not as bleak as is depicted. The reverse can also be true, where the story outside the frame is worse than depicted. This is how social media is now working, but you can't always tell which one is true. The woman in the photo: is she on social media or looking for directions on Google Maps (the purpose for which the Lidar camera is being used--so it's a kind of feedback loop)

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