Book Box

Some creative people get inspiration by opening up books at random. Sometimes you can open book boxes at random and use the titles in the order in which they fall:

United States
Following Fake Man
Every Man's Battle

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A few Dynaxioms on randomness:

1283. Imagine watching a film, and every time you watched it again, the cuts were in random order. New narratives and plots would emerge. But ultimately each segment would naturally fall into a few common categories, based on common themes.

1107. On 'happy accidents': If you're working when an 'accident' happens, you want to immediately apply it by incorporating it into what you're doing, or fixing it without breaking it further. Great artists and musicians are masters of seizing the beauty in randomness. There has to be a part of you that impels you to pay attention to the ideas that you are being given. Art is in the paying of attention. 

0181. The interesting thing about randomness in art is that it creates an anticipation of something that might eventually occur, but you don't know exactly when.