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1307. Pattern recognition is good, but we shouldn't get trapped in the metaphor of patterns. Patterns are sometimes only symbols of deeper complexity, and you run the risk of taking them at face value, and just keep repeating them, because that's what they do. This is why simple algorithms (like Recommendations or the Facebook Feed) are never that useful. Sometimes routines (as opposed to patterns) are more useful if they are in a positive feedback loop. But even positive feedback loops can become negative because they become repeating patterns--like wave action that erodes a coastline. The question becomes: if patterns are natural, and are always positive in a teleological sense, should we not interfere?

0822. Sometimes it's good to lock yourself into a few good routines and loop back around to what you were thinking a month or a year ago.

0283. Be careful that a planned trajectory does not circle back to where you started. Without bold acts of will, things will naturally default to the basic shapes and characteristics of the universe: circular shapes, orbits, and routines.