Binaries (Composite)
6000x4800 px (20x16 in)

"Digital photography" as a pun.

#2013 #blur #continua

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1111. If a piece doesn't fit in a series, put it in another one until it does. Styles have the flexibility to be co-adaptive, e.g. photographing unfinished paintings as a series.

0020. The more information you have the grayer it can become, as it is difficult to see all the individual shades. Sometimes you also want to examine the common information, thinking that you will find the best shades of gray. But all the shades of gray are confusing. It is similar to the duck-rabbit illusion or the Necker cube: They both make sense, just not at the same time. The danger of this paradox is that you simply give up looking for grays and capitulate to only black and white, and just a few shades of gray.

0017. Liberals want to be challenged to understand all the confusing gray areas, whereas conservatives are more inclined to see things as black or white. It's no surprise that most of America would prefer to have something easy to decide upon, rather than a complex array of grays. America is partly based on the idea that things are easy and comfortable, and figuring out all the grays is just too much work. (12/2004)

0012. Even when majorities prevail, the true profile of an American could be represented by a small sample and would be a more accurate arbiter of who we truly are as a nation. It isn't as black and white as we think, and the divide is not so binary. It's more like an Ansel Adams print: A wide degree of tonal variation from total black to total white. (circa 2004)