Riffs (July 2018)

Riffs (July 2018)

Window of Opportunity

Taken in 2015 in a neighborhood of Chicago. The photograph might have some the same ironic sentiments of the person that placed it in the window, and has different implications now if it is still there. (Photos can capture these kinds of things that show up years later.) Prints: 4x6 in 16x20 matte. (Intentionally small print with a huge boundary around it)

The mood of the moment in new Dynaxioms:

1582: Art can always be made in the absence of Big Ideas or trends or Movements if it is generative or serial in nature. All you need to do is work, not invent.

1581: Just do it. It will be what you did with your life.

My Dynaxiom book is now available in print, as well electronic.

Film: What makes a Netflix subscription worthwhile is the 1980s Joseph Campbell series on The Power of Myth. #spirituality

Art: Years ago I had the idea for a series of photographs, printing just the black channel of a color separation in varnish over a black background. These prints, done in the late 40s by the Japanese artist Onchi Kochiro, are similar to that idea, and I found them intriguing, in which the series of layers look as finished as stand-alone works.

Books of note:

Art in the Age of the Internet: What you realize is that the advent of the internet made art ironic before anything else. Craft is optional mostly.

"The rise of users/authors and activated audiences during the Internet age represents a dramatic re-orientation from older publishing and broadcast models, and this promise of empowerment through participation in new, wide-ranging narratives is perhaps one of the most fundamental shifts. Information is disseminated in 140 characters and fame can be attained through memes, while fake news now results in real actions. New models of consumption, participation, and fandom have developed. We can easily create our own content from the available mass of images and information online through reposts, retweets, and reblogs, eroding the distinction between the copy and the original. This proliferation sets in motion the dual functions of expanding audiences for the known and unknown makers/authors, while a simultaneous shortchanging takes place, depriving them of the benefits accompany originality, craft, and expertise. Artist Cory Arcangel has called it the 14-year-old Finnish kid syndrome: “When I put something on my blog, no one knows that I’m an artist. As soon as it gets copied and paste it to another blog, I ceased to become an artist. It just becomes another piece of information on the net.“

Radical Technologies: A must read at the very least for its clear explanation of blockchain technology and social implications. No longer are books about technology utopian and exciting. They now make you nervous, particularly DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization), through the Smart Contract.

Music: Music For Places IV: Rings of Saturn is still a work in progress, at least in conceptual terms. Robert MacFarlane has formed a book discussion group, on all places, Twitter. It begins 7/9, ring up #TheReadingsofSaturn

I finished up a new track, based on the section about Algernon Swinburne, The Pines:

"In 1879, more dead than alive following a nervous attack, Swinburne was taken in a four-wheeler to Putney Hill in south-west London, and there, at number 2, The Pines, a modest suburban townhouse the two bachelors lived henceforth, carefully avoiding the least excitement..."

CapitalismPrints are now available for some of my works, ranging from single C-prints to framed giclees.