Making a piece of art "work" is something that comes easily to some artists, but less so for others.

In photography, there are images that have junk or other banalities in them, such as garbage cans, light poles, people in odd poses/tableaux and so on. Some work and some don't for mysterious reasons.

Here's one by William Eggleston, a prime example of an artist that can beautify the ordinary.

They look easy, but they aren't. It takes work to make it work, usually on the part of the viewer: "I don't see anything there that's worth taking a picture of". But the photographer did, and if you try you can too. These kinds of snapshots are recording memories as well, as all images do, even if they aren't the typical "photo memory" photo. With metadata, "date taken" is enough to encode the memory. The image could just be white or black, and it works as a background for what only you remember at that moment, and it "works".

#2010 #banal #streetphotography #oakpark